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A Faster and More Effective Physical Therapy

At CityPT, we understand your muscle and joint pain. We also understand the stressful barriers to getting help as quickly as you need it. Using our proprietary technologies and processes, we eliminate these barriers so you can get care faster, and on your own terms.

We provide a new kind of physical therapy that is proven just as effective as traditional physical therapy. It's called "virtual physical therapy" because you don't need a referral or office visit to receive treatment. You can get started with virtual physical therapy today.

If we find you need hands-on care, CityPT does that too; we will even come right to your home.

Eliminate the Hassle of Office Visits and Waiting Rooms

We know you'd rather not be put on hold, take time off work, arrange for child care, fight with traffic across town, or sit in one more waiting room hoping to finally get help with your pain.

Nothing is more frustrating than jumping through all the hoops, only to be treated like a number when your provider finally walks in the door. That's why we deliver the most personalized care available, right to your computer, mobile device, gym, or front door.

Our providers have alleviated the pain and restored the function of thousands of patients. We're confident we can help you too.

Guided Pathways to Achieve Your Goals and Defeat Your Pain

Your pain has a unique story to tell, which is why we take so much time to listen. Your clinician will start by systematically breaking down your pain into understandable parts and focusing your treatment on achievable goals.

Through the power of human relationships, expert knowledge, and technology, we will guide you along custom pathways to defeat your pain and optimize your body. If you ever feel stuck or confused, we will be right there with you to help.

Holistic and Integrated Care With Every Visit

Muscle and joint pain is extremely complex, and it's frequently associated with other factors of your health and life. We've designed a team-oriented approach that connects physical therapy and nutrition therapy, when it's needed. We have licensed dietitian nutritionists on staff that work closely with our physical therapists to improve your health for the long term.

Our clinicians are also trained to quickly detect red flags for more serious medical conditions and mental health risks. If we discover we can't help, we will get you to a qualified provider that we trust as fast as possible.

Take the First Step

Now it’s your turn. Take action for your body and life. Get started today, and in just minutes be on your way to a more pain free, active, and optimized life.